HOW TO INCREASE ALEXA RANK – Alexa rank is the most important value to rate your website. If your Alexa rank is hight then you have alot of visitor opening your webpage everyday then how to boost your alexa rank quicly?

How to increase Alexa Rank
How to increase Alexa Rank

What is Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is the rank of every website and blog  based on their traffic and some other factors.This Alexa Rank gets updated daily and the lesser the number better. Here the detail about your alexa rank :
Alexa Rank Details
Alexa Rank Details

How to boost your Alexa Rank

  1. Install Alexa Tool Bar
  2. Claim your site
  3. Put Alexa Widget on your blog
  4. Get Traffic From Bloggers
  5. Write a review about Alexa on your blog
  6. Commenting and Backlinking with blogger
  7. Update your blog regularly with some of quality posts
  8. Share your posts on Social Networking sites likes facebook, twitter, bloggers etc.

Thanks for reading HOW TO INCREASE ALEXA RANK . We hope your alexa rank will be increase soon. 

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